Saturday, November 19, 2011

Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it.

Hi guys I am back ! So sorry for taking so long to update my blog. I have been so busy trying to add new features to my blog to make sure you can enjoy your time to read my blog posts as much as possible. Today I am going to blog about how was I celebrated my birthday on 11th of  November with my loves. It was on last Friday. A bunch of my friends were offered their time for me, and to company me to over my very special birthday which the date is triple 11. For those teenagers of Alor Star who really craving to go Penang yet have no transport to go, what to do? It is very convenient, you only need to go to the bus station, Shahab by the time you want to go, it is depends on you. Each half hour have a bus to take you there and it costs you only RM9. My friends and I started our journey at around 9.30am and it took us half an hour to reach. We took taxi to bring us to Queensbay Mall. We were all need foods to satisfy our hunger cravings and as our brunch then some of them suggested us to Dragon-i, so we had our brunch there. This was my very first time to go to this restaurant, I expected for the foods. The food that impressed me is "xiu long pau".

"xiu long pau"

It is really special. Sorry for not being thoughtful, I didn't take any photo of the foods that we ordered. This " xiu long pau " is quite nice, the liquid inside came out with a spurt when you have a bite on it, the liquid inside is kind of chicken soup. You guys suppose to have a try. Mr Zebra was ordered a kind of mango ice-blended. The color of the blended looks fascinating. I am so regret for not having a try :(

The next station was to shopping around, Mr Hama , Ms Tian er, Mr Giraffe, and Me were classified in a group. Mr Kangaroo, Mr Fish, Mr Elephant, Mr Tiger, Mr Zebra were in a group. Then, Mr Leopard and Mr Frog had their target-shopping to Hot elements. Sometimes, the thing you like, ain't for sure have your size. What the dutt dutt, it had happened to us! It made us lost the mood to continue to shop. But in the end I bought a pair of shoes. Half way to shopping, we met Mr Leopard and Frog, then we went to have our high tea at Baskin Robbins together. Mr Giraffe and Mr Hama bought us each person a cup of Starbucks coffee, caramel flavour. Dislike the taste of caramel, so I gave it back to Mr Giraffe. Then Mr Hama bought himself a Chattime to drink. hehehe

 Our next station will make you guys drool, watch out, haha. It is Tuitti Fruitti ! It is only next to the mall. So, we walked there. It is self serving cafe, so I chose on my favourite flavour, Vanilla and Chocolate Ice-cream. I added up some oreo powder, which is pulverized it into smaller particles in a mill.

It is loved.

Do you see a banana pie inside one of the cup? That is Mr Giraffe one, he is a herbivore, haha. We spent about half an hour there, I think. We made jokes, laughters. I saw a really cute kid you know, his action was fascinated me, I feel like wanted to sayang him, I don't know why. He has a very cute hair that makes him looks cute. I want to have a kid like him! He is just too cute, he tried to friend with us!

This is the time when we try to hide up ourselves 
just to let them to find us out. 

Around 4.30pm, my group went to Gurney and it was our very last station of the day and we enjoyed the most, the happiest moment there. I really feel secure when I was with them, they made me feel like I could be myself, like nobody cares to lose the image. We play, we laugh, we joke, we own ourselves a very unforgettable memories. The happiness that is indescribable, the laughters that you can hear anywhere we go, the smile on our face. Those things and peoples around us were like frozen, we did whatever we want to. We played hide and seek, the most pretty memories, how we made each other get shocked, and we laughed after the funny things that we did. The funny incident in Winter Warmer, who cares? The time that they try to find us out from somewhere, the time that we went into the shop and they chose the pretty items to let us to try. The every single memory built up a happy day. Then we have our dinner at BBQ Plaza, and John King's egg tarts.  We made jokes along the way back to home. Oh ya, I met Jiapei in Gurney too, she surprised me.Yes, although there was no birthday cake, no candle light dinner, but I had passed my birthday with no regrets. At least, I had own indelible memories with my friends. I love how I can enjoy myself all the way. Dear friends, I do appreciate our friendship.

Mr Giraffe : Chen Ping
Mr Hama  : Wei Shen
Ms Tianer : Xueer
Ms Lion   : Me
Mr Frog   : Ben
Mr Zebra : Jue Zhi
Mr Tiger  : Wei Yee
Mr Kangaroo : Liming
Mr Fish : Keat Hui
Mr Elephant : Zikuan
Mr Leopard : Lingyit