Sunday, January 30, 2011

Are this counting a toturial? *whatever*

I am living for the moments that can make a smile without even trying, that can change my mood in a flash. I bet it must be a replacement of me.

Let's talk about *outing style*
Girls spent a lots of time with the preparation before hanging out right? Are you girls agree? or maybe boys, for waiting your girlfriend or maybe your lovely mama? *hehehe I bet you guys are definitely done wasting time of waiting, but of course that's no way to have a time-saver offering you guys man! Man supposed to have some effort for girls, as old people talk that's what we call rhesis * woman are the weak team * I agreed now, it was so-so-so felicitously for describing this.

Girls, the time-spender. If you're going to date girl, you should give a call or inform them earlier before one hour, at least. Girls are mostly spending most of the time at choosing what the cloth to wear of the day. And they are not choosing for the only suit, they choose for accessories of what is going to match with it for looking better.

Of course, contact lens are the comman-users of most of the girl. It might be in colours, decorative-patterns, size and so on with different style. Do you guys know why girls like to fix their eyes with lens? Technological is moving on, and lens would help those whose eyes are small in size to become bigger, the larger size of lens you choosed, the bigger eyes you're looking of. There are always a murderer hiding behind the offering. The more you wear on lens, the more dangerous your eyes state in. For those who are lazy, don't use lens please, bacteria might probably kill your pretty eyes in a small way.

I personally feel that hair are the most important step in preparation. It changed your face on how you are looking with different hair style, and you should clear with the hairstyle of yourself. I am a girl with a short black hair. It's quite easy to handle. What the style of your hair look like?

Among most of the girl having this step yet there are several of them are not having this. Foundation, Mascara, Eye-liner, Eye-shadow, Double-eyelid, blusher and so on. I used Mascara for eyelash only. How about others? * I do not use * Foudation is making your face look cleaner and perfectly cover with your pimples. I don't think we need to use it in our stage, * do not contain any offences * Mascara, the magical make up tool that making your eyelash look longer, closer. The best choice ever to make your eyes prettier. Eye-liner, Eye-shadow, Double-eyelid, another way for making sharper of your eyes. Blusher, girls like to use it right ? After taking this, you are in a shyshy state.

Bags, I think girls chiefly having many bag in their cupboard. After dressing up and done of everything, is time for having a choosen !

Girl :' Mama, am I suitable for this bag today? or this better? '
Mama :' This is better for your style today '
Girl : ' Oh My God, am i suitable for this? It's not at all okay !? '
Girl : ' Awww, this bag with brown in colour look better for me today. '

No doubts, every girl would probably did this. Boys don't feel like annoying whenever your girlfriend, pretty mama, or sister asking for your help.

Tick-Tock-Tick-Tack, * one hour later *
In a I am ready state to hang out now.