Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Love is in the air. He was awesome ♥

Hi peeps, as I promised, I would be here to continue to blog on this post, so.. I would like to carry out my promise now.  First of all, happy holidays! Having a swinging mood now right? The exam weeks must be stressed everyone, is time to relax peeps! Planning where to go? Dating? Oh-oh my love! Love one would be going to Langkawi Island for about three days. I would be staying at home and like a mummy's girl. I wanna have a date, I wanna movie, I wanna toothsome food, I wanna bite hubby's hand. I wanna learn on how to cook tasty food. *winks*.
I wanna talk about Trustworthiness. A very very frigging word. It simply mean believable, convincing, credible and dependable. It is needing in every healthy relationship. For example, if there is no trust word in any random relationship. Jane and Jack, the couple. They fell in love with each other and they got into a marriage. Jane doesn't genuinely trust on him, she suspects. She does whatever and just want to let herself to trust him. She goes from frustration to depression. Jack didn't want to share with Jane what he was doing and thinking. As the pastor said in marriage two become one. But Jack and Jane couldn't be one if Jack wouldn't share his thoughts to Jane. They are headed for trouble unless he realizes he has to change. If Jack insists on going on with his mysterious routine, he will become increasingly frustrating to her, and this will slowly empty most of his love in her heart. When it eventually drifts into negative territory, Jane will become a vulnerable target for a man who knows how to make her feel secure with honesty and openness. A sense of security is the bright golden thread woven through all of a girl's five basic needs. If a husband doesn't maintain honest and open communication with his wife, he undermines her trust and eventually destroys her sense of security. To feel secure, a wife must trust her husband to give her accurate information about his past, the present and the future. What has he done? What is he thinking or doing right now? What plans does he have? If she can't trust the signals he send ( or if, as in the case of Jack, he refuses to send any signals ), she has no foundation on which to build a solid relationship. Instead of adjusting to him, she always feels off balance, instead of growing with him, she grows away from him. The wife who can't trust her husband to give her the information she needs also lack a means of negotiating with him. Negotiation between a husband and wife is an essential building block to the success of any marriage, but without honesty and openness a couple can resolve or decide very little. In a conclusion, Jack is not necessarily being dishonest, he is simply keeping his thoughts, activities, and plans to himself. This caused the distortion, detrition of trust in any relationship. I trust my hubby, I love him. *blush*

Days 7, love ♥

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Love isnt just cuddling or whispering sweet nothings, its compromising, sacrificing & giving up something just to make the relationship last

有时候不要尝试着想去改变一个人或东西。听说过,世界上唯一不变的就是变。改变一个人不是不可能而是不容易。有时候当你觉得你有能力可以改变任何一件事后,才发现原来你并不能,那该怪谁? 世界上没有什么事是绝对。有时候 别人会常说常问 你是不是变了? 又或者有人会说 你怎么变了个人,我们怎么变得陌生了 再也没有从前的那股纯真执著 感觉也变得不像从前。经常会有人这么说。但事实上你并没有改变很多,只是长大了 成熟了 懂得思考 分辨对与错了,你只是瞬间不活在他人的世界里 为他人而活。逃避没有什么不好,太理智想犯罪突然变得虚伪。讨厌那个总是想用着逃避的方式去面对任何一件事 的自己。害怕去面对的性格 好强中有点懦弱 没有任何一个人会想要失败 对吗?回忆不会说谎 它记录着开心 伤心 失望 种种好或不好的记忆。几天前,突然翻看了FBALBUM, 那里确确实实着实着好多好多回忆。记得, 去年 参加了一个生活营。记得那是我第一次参加这类型的活动 难免会抱着有些期待。不负众望, 生活营的的确确让我们留下了许许多多的回忆。现在的大家 还过得好吗? 即使现在大家见面了 可能也会觉得只是路过的陌生人 对吗?  记得, 那时候的我们并没有停止过的笑容。还记得, 那个把全部人都吓坏了的 夜里探险活动吗? 那时候真的真的把我们都吓坏了, 凭空着想象 , 蒙着眼 , 夜生无人 一个人在一个隐隐凉凉地森林里 还要在那里呆上十分钟之长, 有谁会确保不会想歪, 好多人会这么问 那边是不是有鬼。谁知道, 那竟然是一个什么都不是的骗局 , 我们身旁都有人, 还有着蚊子们的欢呼声, 我们一个一个接二连三的成了牺牲品, 蚊子们都喝饱了我们的血, 幸福了它们 委屈了我们。还有还有 那个什么像似PREDATOR-PREY游戏的, 我们都得躲起来, 等着PREDATOR来抓。记忆中, 我们是多么的狼狈却很开心地在笑着, 那时候还下着雨, 还好只是毛毛雨。还有还有, 我们就是这样躲在草丛中, 用着一棵棵树挡着我们。树下都住满了红蚂蚁, 有些人还被叮咬得全身发红。还有, 我们一起玩过的STATION-GAME! 回想起还真希望今年还会再有着这么样的一个生活营 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love me when I least deserve it because that's when I really need it.

我想说的是 有时候付出不一定会有回报。其实 有时候即使真的真的 尽力了 真心的开场白而最终还是会是失望的闭幕。我不懂 不明白 有些事为什么别人能做到 而我却不能。或许 有些人会说: “可能你还没真正的去尝试” 不是我不去尝试, 尝试了 却不能达到想要的结果。想说 有时候 同样的付出 未必会得到同样的回报。 看了她的部落格 不懂怎么了 哽咽了 我不懂为什么 哪来的那一阵冲动得想哭的感觉。是失望了 还是什么了? 没有想过会在这样的情况下知道  原来答案会是这样子。嘴上说说的无所谓 是真的不介意了 还是只是在自欺欺人? 谁晓得。曾经的想要去表达些关心。 过了, 过了,都过了。说实在的 那种滋味 并不好受。有谁会喜欢这种感觉? 我不喜欢。 一行行阿拉星球字 对我来说 它们还很陌生 但却得了解它们。对与这些还陌生的我 该怎么办? 耗尽了 好多好多时间 却无法牢记它们的脸孔。想说 别人也有跟我一样的脑袋 可是为什么他们的脑比起我的, FUNCTION得好些。想问 怎么样才能WELL-FUNCTIONING? 有时候 真的很羡慕那一些头脑棒得不得了的人, 天才啊! 埋怨的说 妈妈为什么不把我的脑袋生得天才些。讨厌自己 太笨了 太烦了。做什么事都做不好。朋友们都说 : “ 啊 你怎么这么烦 ” 怎么办嘛 我的性格就是这样啊。我的兴趣就是烦人啊 ( 开玩笑的啦 ) 算了算了 不想了。怎么世界上就是会有这些人 喜欢在人前人后说别人的不是 有的没的都给你说出来 有些时候是真的真的太荒谬了。往别的方向想吧,来得快乐些。有些时候 别人把你当成话题时 不管是好是坏 都应该感到庆幸 就是因为你有比别人的特别之处 所以才会成为话题。IGNORE 他们吧,没什么好理会的。

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The best feeling of happiness is when you're happy because you've made somebody else happy.

First of all, I would like to wish my beloved one, Jowen a very happy birthday. Sincerely wish you could really enjoy your day, our surprise, and our girls' night. Am I too late? ( Hmm..haven 12 o'clock! ) I'm so sorry for what I had done past few days ago. I know I might be very annoying sometime ( just sometime ), anyway you have already used. As usual and old version, dreams come true, always always and always. Lucks and cupid along. We are always by your side to carry you. Friendships that are never end. You're loved. Thanks to Vince , a very big and million thanks to you, for your waiting while we were cleaning up the hall and hold us up at sinmin private to Rocks then Times Cafe. Truthfully thank you. Not to be forgotten, the cake. Thanks for the helping. I don't know what to say, and just thanks! Next, I want to blog about our Interact Installation night. Thanks god, everything's went well and thanks for the performers for giving great performances. Some of them might disappointed of the response but it's over, just forget about it. We tried our best. You guys are always the rocketeer. Apology here, sorry to my masters, if I didn't help up. My legs were excruciating pain. Thus, my nails are going broken. I haven't started my revision and I don't know how am I going to sit on my exam. The water flows. Sometimes more, sometimes less, always flowing, though. Trickles down into a steam, meandering out into that forested meadow. As I think about that today, I'm drawn into the flow of this water. It always flows, always moves. Sometimes it's gushing out, other times not much more than a trickle and then moving on, that which lands upon the earth. Is not life like that ever-flowing? In our daily lives, we're ever-flowing on this journey we are creating. It's you, at your most pure and real state, and it's what adds so much beauty and life to your world. Just like the spring water, giving life to that which it touches, so you give life to yourself and all that you touch when your deep and true soul is let out, shared, and lived. Be you, the real and amazing you that is there, within you.

I love you, hubby.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Love isn’t about flirting, hugs & kisses. Love is about taking all those things away and still having feelings for that person.

Happy Labour Day. It is sunday, most of people don't have to work on this day. It is the day especially offered to the workers. My relatives came back from Butterworth yesterday ( Saturday ) for a simple celebration of Mother's Day. Mother's Day is actually on 8 May. For some factor, we celebrated on yesterday. I enjoyed, the homey-steamboat is delicious than abalone, the rubber food. I wondering why peoples waste their money on eating rubber. Happy Mother's Day, Momma and Grandma! Use your own way to express your heartfelt loving thoughts about motherhood or to your own mother. I don't care whether it is only a Mother's Day cards, scrapbooking, scrapbooking journaling or greeting cards, it's just a regard of a son or daughter to a momma. As if you're a mother to your kids, you know that somehow for the next few decades or for as long as you live, you'll be wearing your heart on your sleeve. And as a daughter to your own momma, you also begin to appreciate the courage and challenges your momma has gone through for you. And your respect for her grows and grows. Quotes : A man loves his sweetheart  the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest. ( Irish Proverb ), A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie ( Teeneva Jordan ), A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly  in them ( Victor Hugo ), A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path ( Agatha Christie ). The mother who birth you was never greater than the mother who grown you up into adult. Some of these conscienceless and irresponsible humans, who birth their baby and abondon them in the garbage or roadside. I hate this kind of momma! My mother always used to joke with me, she gets me from garbage. I believe, when I was young and still a little girl! How stupid am I, hahaha! Can't stop laughing at myself when flashing back to memories. I love my papa, my mummy, and my family. In the whole world, there are so many pair of couple, so many momma, but not every momma is great. Inversely, not every child are filial pirty. Press into it, this is what I get to know from Fb and I surfed it from google. Hey, that is your momma! I'm curious about your conscience, where do it gone? Vanity heart eats up all of your conscience, it occupied your heart more than what a mother did for you? This kind of children are brainless enough. Kay, I am going to stop here and off to study, exam is around the corner and I'm not yet revise! I might go mad if I continue to blog about this useless daughter! Waste energy and time. Pity on you, old momma. I hope you're okay now. Lastly, to someone. I am sorry to you, million of sorry to you, I know exactly my sorry wasn't use at all for counteracting what I'd done to you. I'm just sorry, I'd make a promise here for not repeating this. Forgive me please :(