Sunday, June 12, 2011

The boring yet memorable holiday ♥

Hey guys! I'm so sorry for not updating my blog regularly. Due to the busy weeks of holiday that crammed with the dates, I had no time to update my dead blog. And yes I am back. No more emotional posts. I am going to share you guys my sunny holidays. The first week of the holiday, I had a date out with love one, it was a movie day. 29th of May, the super great and memorable day. Next, to the Thailand, Hatyai trip with family members. Shopped like nobody cares. Spent too much on Hatyai's trip. The things are so freaking cheap. Some of you might not like the quality, it's not branded. Who cares the cheap things. Frazzle and scrap. I am not the kind of branded-lover, that are trending on the branded . Gucci, Channel, Amani, LV and so on. I personal feel that we dont really need to use on branded at our state of ages. ( Okay, just ignore me, alright? ) Went to a camp on the second week. Wanna apologise to my leader, campers, and helpers. I am not really get high and get into the situation. With the allowance, I stayed inside the classroom to rest. I was so sick of my sorethroat and flu and missed a lot of games. For my discontented group-arrangement, I am so sorry. Just wait for my next post, deal? I know this post bored you guys a lot, cause it was nothing special in my holiday. Goodnight peeps.

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