Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One of the best feelings in the world is when you’re hugging a person you love and they hug you back even tighter.

Feeling great to stay on bed when everyone were trying so hardly to get up from bed. How happiness it is. As I know, some people may say sleeping is a waste of time. And yes I am not the exception. I always try to question myself when I was still young "Why should I waste all that time sleeping, having bad dreams, sweating and waking up tired?" But if you have ever thought that your sleeping periods are actually a huge waste of time, you should better think again. When a person is awake, the body cells are continuously active and as time during the day progresses they become more or less fatigued. The body needs to recharge, to repair and recover from  the daily demands. Your feeling about sleep may have been shaped by your past. Just saying, I like to sleep. It is a break from hectic life. I can see and do things I can't in real life. It is whole other experience. Like a small vacation from reality. And I guess I have enough odd dreams at times that is like reading a book. But as much as I sleep, I also like to stay up all the night, night is peaceful. When I was still young, I hate to sleep. Didn't see the point. It is boring to lay down in bed and wait for sleep. And now, I think it is wonderful to have a sleep.Sometimes, what I meant is just sometimes,  that me-time peacefulness is just as relaxing and refreshing as sleep can be. Sometimes, I love being awake while everyone else here are sleeping. I read and research things that interest me, and think my thoughts with no adversity to shut me down. I sometimes just stay up until I fall down in a dead sleep. It is more refreshing than a worried sleep. No matter how much sleep you get or how much sleep you wish to have, you should be happy that you are not a giraffe. Giraffe sleep standing  up and only do it  for a few minutes at a time. They never lie down to sleep. So, you should appreciate that you are a human being. Today onwards, love yourself to the max than any others else.

39 days in love 

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