Monday, April 4, 2011

幸福的保质期, 其实很短暂。

Bad lucks, I get into recently. Had been tweet for 337 tweets, 13 following, 44 followers. I want to have more followers, anyone kind? I love twitter, I could abundantly express my feeling, my thoughts. Facebook is having spies, either my mummy's or my daddy's. I dislike to block my wall of Facebook from my relatives, or anyone else, Facebook is neglected. If you are my friends in Facebook, you might observed less status for recently. So, follow me in Twitter? " Since we being honest, I wanna tell you I hate the girls stuck by your side, I don't care whether you flirt her, or she flirts you. " , the lastest status in Twitter while I am here to blog.

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Think, before you conclude on something. I am just giving out my example, my opinion and my thoughts. When you judge on someone, "he/she hurts me". I simply meant soulful relationship. Try to ponder of your conclution. If you don't give anyone chance, will they have the chances to hurt you, breaking your heart and ways to kill you indirectly? So.. as a conclude, we are the killer of our pain, our heart breaking and our wounds. 

The only reason people hold on to memories,
is because memories are the only thing that don't change,
when everyone else does. L Y M L 

I hate it, when peoples do not respect me, just like dispensable. I don't want to feel like dispensable. I would respect you doubly if you do respect me. Inversely, I wouldn't respect you if you do not respect me, I don't care whether you are the eldest or who you are, I am just abstinence.  I am actually having a lot of complicated-feeling, I want to express, I just don't know where to start. I miss you, hubbbiiesjou  !

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