Saturday, April 2, 2011

让我们回去从前好不好? 天真快乐美好。

Contradictory feelings, made me feel like want to use chinese to blog. I am just beyond their grasp. As if you are my follower, you shall knew I had a broken chinese, a brain of limited chinese words. A girl who don't know the way to express her feeling, kind of girl full with emotions and mood changes such as roller coaster ride. If you are a stranger to me, you may feel like I am so.. arrogant? I am actually such a girl who might crazy in minutes and emo in the next. I could probably be my dudes' pistachio. I wore on smile everyday, somehow I do not sometime. I had a bad mood recently. If you are following my twitter or facebook, you might know I posted so many emotional words. Emotional disorder us. I mostly wrote in chinese, because I felt chinese can be a complete expression of what I want to express. I am a girl who kept her heart away from any boy, exception are exist. She is a girl who keep blaming God that do not give her a sweet smile, a pretty face, a professional brain. She is in fact better than many of them, but she was not satisfied. Human beings are too greedy and selfish. I wish the time will turn the clock back, I don't want to grow up. I miss my past, I miss my memories. I am not good at lying, and I would never lie if there's never need to. I hate liars, I hate to lie. Love is a choice, I think I learned. As dearest said, be eliminated that, is not necessarily inferior. In fact, every girl yearning for love as well, eager to be embraced, but there is fear of love's hurt. Maybe time is an antidote, is the poison are we taking now. Do not say love easily, guys. Girls have a vulnerable heart, too weak, too tiny to be broken. Sick of being love puppet, can I be your love slave?

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