Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ms Miao

There is always someone who named Ms Miao once in your life time, who used to be a fighter, to compare with you. Who used to deliberate every single part of you, as a topic with dearing. Who used to get angry with every nonsense of you, blame him/herself that do not enough perfect to challenge. Just for a winner and loser. Perhap anyone of you are my Ms Miao, and maybe I am others' too? I meant perhaps. 

I found out there's someone, who likes to compare with me. The someone who is having high self-confidence. In my previous posts, I mentioned I alway having less self-confidence. That's why I always appreciate him/her.  The someone, likes to compare whatever your things. The someone that maybe him/her do not copy and paste intentionally. I am not against whom, and also do not contain any offence. I just want to tell the someone, nothing to compare, nothing to fight, nothing to get angry, just to be ourselves.

I dislike to be compared. But I alway like to see and search for pretty girl. I love beauty. Type of feeling of admiration. I can't stop looking at pretty when I aimed them. They are too fascinating and tempting. I like Angela Baby. She is too perfect in every single way she does. I love natural beauty. I love sexy girl. I love charming girl. I love ethos girl. I love hybrids. Their perfect blood that are flowing, perfect skin, perfect eyes, perfect nose, perfect mouth, perfect fingers and every perfection. I want a V-shaped chin, I want to have perfect feature. Feeling so bad that I don't have all of these. Why don't mummy birth me to be a beauty as Angela? A huge and long lasting sigh again :(

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