Thursday, March 31, 2011

Honey Friendship Week

Hello, I am here to blog again. Still a friendship post. A big sigh for our broken friendship, vulnerable friendship. I should confess I am having less self-confidence. I do not have courage to face it, dare not to speak the problem. As she said, " 她没有发言权 " Alright, I agree with you. I am not angry for this little stuff. Because I knew, it was the truth. I think you shall know the main reason, why were us mad at you. Firstly, I want to complain something, about your friend. We don't have qualification to control you of making friends with other, and that's a common. But our friendship problems were only related with you, me, and both of them. Are they having qualification to speak on something about our friendship? I meant, they are outsiders, I meant your new friends. They are just outsiders in case, for us. But why did them spoke so loud and feels like so-so understanding you? After friending with you for about three years, why don't I know? Don't say us heartless, we do really care about this friendship, we tried to retain but failed. I am sorry for the ignorance, and I know you were feeling bad. I had been this, I understood. I am type of person who used to be poor in communication. I am sorry for your disappointment? I want to tell you something that hiden. After three years of friending, you told us your feeling, you felt you were happy all day long with them. We asked, " In this three years, don't you feel happy before? " Your answer were really surprised me and disappointed us. You said your happiness were just outlooking, but not the fact. I guess you were too conflict to say this. Try to think, if you were unhappy, but why you answered us you were feeling better to join with them? Ain't your words too conflict? Still, you were too wrong for saying our friend like this, you knew its sound bad, what would others think of if they heard? And you were saying in front of your new friend, how would them think of us? I am not trying to blame on you or whatever, I just want to tell you my feeling. I want to solve this problem, we are trying. But too small to be if there is only my heart. Seems like we were just spreading out the problem and do not solve it.  The last, if you really want to join with your new friend, you feel joy to be with them, I meant IF. Then we'll set you free, and let you go. Do not contain any offences. Cheers always :)

Love yourself more than others! 

Today was the last day of  March. Tomorrow is April in order. And what we used to call the first day of April? It's April's Fool! It's the day that we used to fool our friends, families or whoever dearing. The earlier wishes for Happy April Fool. I wished for my education, my friendship, my love. Happy Birthday to my honey friend, Kee Zi Kuan. Enjoy your days and stop saying my bad! Hmmm, wishing you have your partner, your love as soon as possible!

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