Saturday, September 3, 2011

Love your haters, because they are your biggest fans. They keep on wasting time just to watch your every wrong move.

Sighed. It was a bad that my school reopen on tomorrow. Can the time travels back to a week ago, when the end of the test and the coming of holiday? How great if there is such a thing as "Time Machine" exists in this world. There is no such advanced technology yet, anyway it seems an impossible stuff. Whenever a moment is gone, then it is gone, and so my holiday finally coming to the end, with a feeling of missing it terribly. I am trying the best to enjoy the last day of holiday to the fullest, sleep until 2pm in the afternoon, online for over few hours and watching movies, had no assignment to do besides than sleep, eat, play. The assignments, was pass into silence, was forgotten, pitiful, going to pass up in this coming end of September. I have do nothing yet it have a lots of stuff to do. I have no idea for what to do, what to type, what to pass up. So now, I am hoping the time can quickly jump straight to November for another holidays, and my birthday celebration in a blink of eye. What I did during the past holiday? Generally nothing besides than rolling at home! That is a must in holiday,  also an opportunity to have much rest and strength for next battle ( following test ). The pleasure of rotting would be gone in less than 24 hours. Happy time always passes faster. I hate the first day of school reopening. You know why? They will have a checking. As if you are a Keat Hwa student, you will know that it's school rules. The only rule of the school that I hate it so much is, boys must be in botak while girl must be in short hair which maximum under 6cm of ears. Can you think of the shortness? They want us to become an ahdai, idiots' looks. If your hair are over longer than the 6cm, our Keat Hwa's hairdressers ( Discipline teachers ) will help you to save up your money to saloon to have a haircut, they will help you to cut on a nice, standard, cute hair. As I am in Keat Hwa for about four years and my hair was cut by only once. The onlyonce, the feelings was mixed and you know you would be like " What the hell you bitch teacher! Let me to take your scissor to help you to cut on your hair too! I curse you have a head of bad quality hair and ugly hair for forever! I will remember you and revenge on you! Revenge Revenge Revenge, I will be back! I will have a revenge on you on someday! Wait me! " You can't even smile or laugh at all on that time. I was a freak on that time, super ugly. It was happened since I was form 3, the childish girl. Till now, I still remembered which teacher that had a cut on my hair. Forget about it. Lastly, to all of the hater : Please, never judge me because you don't know what I've been through. Don't judge me before you know me. It is alright if you don't like me or even hate me, I don't wake up everyday to impress you.

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