Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't ever depend on someone else, or you will always be disappointed.

“My girlfriend and I have been dating for over 3 and a half years now. Her parents always had a problem with me and she knew that I was not that rich from the time we started going out. For three years she told that if a problem was to arise, she would remain with me no matter what. Out of the blue she tells me a week back that she needs a break and now she tells me that this can’t go on any further and started acting like a girl I do not know. I loved her so much and you wouldn’t believe the love we had for each other. I worked after coming back from the university and saved money so that we can have a extravagant engagement party. However, her mom always wanted someone really rich and one who already has everything. Life with me would be uncertain for her future and she is now confused about what to do. I tried everything to convince her to stay with me, but in vain. My parents are fine with her, but it is her parents that is the problem. Now we are not talking for over a week. We used to share cars while going to the uni and even eat food together. Now we don’t even do that. She stares at me in the classroom, and does not mix with friends but cries alone. However, when I go near her, she becomes stern and tells me to forget her. I feel so helpless. Even her relatives are involving themselves in our relationship. Please tell me what to do. I’m devastated. Should I forget her?
Why will these problems often occurs in our life? Hello? The mother or daughter would be the one who carry the man's hand till old with white hairs in the future? Who would be the one who stay with him and walk through the rest of his life? Why must her sacrifice their love just for her mom, who would eventually accept the fact? Nevertheless, there is nothing to do to change her family's perspective. Reality affected the truth and the truth is.. love couldn't conquer all. Would you marry a guy because his parents is rich? It sounds tempting to some of you but sounds poor to me. Perhaps some of you might say "Oh yes. This will be in my consideration." How stupid you are, if you have a mind of thoughts like this. That's his parents' money, not his money. Will his parents give the money to you unreasonably? They will. But just to their son, under their sons' name, never under daughter-in-laws' name. Who will be such an idiot to put their properties under a strangers' name? To them, sons' wife are still outsider. Why don't you choose to marry a guy which is rich of self-made-money?  Why don't you have your own high education with credential? What I meant is, career woman. You don't need to rely on mans. You use your own money, spend your own money. And If you get into a divorcement, you can never expect for alimony. 

53 days in love ♥ 

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