Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Love is in the air. He was awesome ♥

Hi peeps, as I promised, I would be here to continue to blog on this post, so.. I would like to carry out my promise now.  First of all, happy holidays! Having a swinging mood now right? The exam weeks must be stressed everyone, is time to relax peeps! Planning where to go? Dating? Oh-oh my love! Love one would be going to Langkawi Island for about three days. I would be staying at home and like a mummy's girl. I wanna have a date, I wanna movie, I wanna toothsome food, I wanna bite hubby's hand. I wanna learn on how to cook tasty food. *winks*.
I wanna talk about Trustworthiness. A very very frigging word. It simply mean believable, convincing, credible and dependable. It is needing in every healthy relationship. For example, if there is no trust word in any random relationship. Jane and Jack, the couple. They fell in love with each other and they got into a marriage. Jane doesn't genuinely trust on him, she suspects. She does whatever and just want to let herself to trust him. She goes from frustration to depression. Jack didn't want to share with Jane what he was doing and thinking. As the pastor said in marriage two become one. But Jack and Jane couldn't be one if Jack wouldn't share his thoughts to Jane. They are headed for trouble unless he realizes he has to change. If Jack insists on going on with his mysterious routine, he will become increasingly frustrating to her, and this will slowly empty most of his love in her heart. When it eventually drifts into negative territory, Jane will become a vulnerable target for a man who knows how to make her feel secure with honesty and openness. A sense of security is the bright golden thread woven through all of a girl's five basic needs. If a husband doesn't maintain honest and open communication with his wife, he undermines her trust and eventually destroys her sense of security. To feel secure, a wife must trust her husband to give her accurate information about his past, the present and the future. What has he done? What is he thinking or doing right now? What plans does he have? If she can't trust the signals he send ( or if, as in the case of Jack, he refuses to send any signals ), she has no foundation on which to build a solid relationship. Instead of adjusting to him, she always feels off balance, instead of growing with him, she grows away from him. The wife who can't trust her husband to give her the information she needs also lack a means of negotiating with him. Negotiation between a husband and wife is an essential building block to the success of any marriage, but without honesty and openness a couple can resolve or decide very little. In a conclusion, Jack is not necessarily being dishonest, he is simply keeping his thoughts, activities, and plans to himself. This caused the distortion, detrition of trust in any relationship. I trust my hubby, I love him. *blush*

Days 7, love ♥

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