Saturday, November 19, 2011

Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it.

Hi guys I am back ! So sorry for taking so long to update my blog. I have been so busy trying to add new features to my blog to make sure you can enjoy your time to read my blog posts as much as possible. Today I am going to blog about how was I celebrated my birthday on 11th of  November with my loves. It was on last Friday. A bunch of my friends were offered their time for me, and to company me to over my very special birthday which the date is triple 11. For those teenagers of Alor Star who really craving to go Penang yet have no transport to go, what to do? It is very convenient, you only need to go to the bus station, Shahab by the time you want to go, it is depends on you. Each half hour have a bus to take you there and it costs you only RM9. My friends and I started our journey at around 9.30am and it took us half an hour to reach. We took taxi to bring us to Queensbay Mall. We were all need foods to satisfy our hunger cravings and as our brunch then some of them suggested us to Dragon-i, so we had our brunch there. This was my very first time to go to this restaurant, I expected for the foods. The food that impressed me is "xiu long pau".

"xiu long pau"

It is really special. Sorry for not being thoughtful, I didn't take any photo of the foods that we ordered. This " xiu long pau " is quite nice, the liquid inside came out with a spurt when you have a bite on it, the liquid inside is kind of chicken soup. You guys suppose to have a try. Mr Zebra was ordered a kind of mango ice-blended. The color of the blended looks fascinating. I am so regret for not having a try :(

The next station was to shopping around, Mr Hama , Ms Tian er, Mr Giraffe, and Me were classified in a group. Mr Kangaroo, Mr Fish, Mr Elephant, Mr Tiger, Mr Zebra were in a group. Then, Mr Leopard and Mr Frog had their target-shopping to Hot elements. Sometimes, the thing you like, ain't for sure have your size. What the dutt dutt, it had happened to us! It made us lost the mood to continue to shop. But in the end I bought a pair of shoes. Half way to shopping, we met Mr Leopard and Frog, then we went to have our high tea at Baskin Robbins together. Mr Giraffe and Mr Hama bought us each person a cup of Starbucks coffee, caramel flavour. Dislike the taste of caramel, so I gave it back to Mr Giraffe. Then Mr Hama bought himself a Chattime to drink. hehehe

 Our next station will make you guys drool, watch out, haha. It is Tuitti Fruitti ! It is only next to the mall. So, we walked there. It is self serving cafe, so I chose on my favourite flavour, Vanilla and Chocolate Ice-cream. I added up some oreo powder, which is pulverized it into smaller particles in a mill.

It is loved.

Do you see a banana pie inside one of the cup? That is Mr Giraffe one, he is a herbivore, haha. We spent about half an hour there, I think. We made jokes, laughters. I saw a really cute kid you know, his action was fascinated me, I feel like wanted to sayang him, I don't know why. He has a very cute hair that makes him looks cute. I want to have a kid like him! He is just too cute, he tried to friend with us!

This is the time when we try to hide up ourselves 
just to let them to find us out. 

Around 4.30pm, my group went to Gurney and it was our very last station of the day and we enjoyed the most, the happiest moment there. I really feel secure when I was with them, they made me feel like I could be myself, like nobody cares to lose the image. We play, we laugh, we joke, we own ourselves a very unforgettable memories. The happiness that is indescribable, the laughters that you can hear anywhere we go, the smile on our face. Those things and peoples around us were like frozen, we did whatever we want to. We played hide and seek, the most pretty memories, how we made each other get shocked, and we laughed after the funny things that we did. The funny incident in Winter Warmer, who cares? The time that they try to find us out from somewhere, the time that we went into the shop and they chose the pretty items to let us to try. The every single memory built up a happy day. Then we have our dinner at BBQ Plaza, and John King's egg tarts.  We made jokes along the way back to home. Oh ya, I met Jiapei in Gurney too, she surprised me.Yes, although there was no birthday cake, no candle light dinner, but I had passed my birthday with no regrets. At least, I had own indelible memories with my friends. I love how I can enjoy myself all the way. Dear friends, I do appreciate our friendship.

Mr Giraffe : Chen Ping
Mr Hama  : Wei Shen
Ms Tianer : Xueer
Ms Lion   : Me
Mr Frog   : Ben
Mr Zebra : Jue Zhi
Mr Tiger  : Wei Yee
Mr Kangaroo : Liming
Mr Fish : Keat Hui
Mr Elephant : Zikuan
Mr Leopard : Lingyit

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Love your haters, because they are your biggest fans. They keep on wasting time just to watch your every wrong move.

Sighed. It was a bad that my school reopen on tomorrow. Can the time travels back to a week ago, when the end of the test and the coming of holiday? How great if there is such a thing as "Time Machine" exists in this world. There is no such advanced technology yet, anyway it seems an impossible stuff. Whenever a moment is gone, then it is gone, and so my holiday finally coming to the end, with a feeling of missing it terribly. I am trying the best to enjoy the last day of holiday to the fullest, sleep until 2pm in the afternoon, online for over few hours and watching movies, had no assignment to do besides than sleep, eat, play. The assignments, was pass into silence, was forgotten, pitiful, going to pass up in this coming end of September. I have do nothing yet it have a lots of stuff to do. I have no idea for what to do, what to type, what to pass up. So now, I am hoping the time can quickly jump straight to November for another holidays, and my birthday celebration in a blink of eye. What I did during the past holiday? Generally nothing besides than rolling at home! That is a must in holiday,  also an opportunity to have much rest and strength for next battle ( following test ). The pleasure of rotting would be gone in less than 24 hours. Happy time always passes faster. I hate the first day of school reopening. You know why? They will have a checking. As if you are a Keat Hwa student, you will know that it's school rules. The only rule of the school that I hate it so much is, boys must be in botak while girl must be in short hair which maximum under 6cm of ears. Can you think of the shortness? They want us to become an ahdai, idiots' looks. If your hair are over longer than the 6cm, our Keat Hwa's hairdressers ( Discipline teachers ) will help you to save up your money to saloon to have a haircut, they will help you to cut on a nice, standard, cute hair. As I am in Keat Hwa for about four years and my hair was cut by only once. The onlyonce, the feelings was mixed and you know you would be like " What the hell you bitch teacher! Let me to take your scissor to help you to cut on your hair too! I curse you have a head of bad quality hair and ugly hair for forever! I will remember you and revenge on you! Revenge Revenge Revenge, I will be back! I will have a revenge on you on someday! Wait me! " You can't even smile or laugh at all on that time. I was a freak on that time, super ugly. It was happened since I was form 3, the childish girl. Till now, I still remembered which teacher that had a cut on my hair. Forget about it. Lastly, to all of the hater : Please, never judge me because you don't know what I've been through. Don't judge me before you know me. It is alright if you don't like me or even hate me, I don't wake up everyday to impress you.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Getting to know more about me.

I am type of girl who loves to sleep but reads all through the night. I am type of girl who fails at sports but wins at every game. I am type of girl that always cries but covers all the pain. I am type of girl that is ready to believe all those convincing lies. I am type of girl that hates all those awkward scenes. I am type of girl who'll stick by your side even when your dead. I am type of girl who says what she feels and means every single word. I am type of girl that falls up stairs and sings songs you have never heard. I am type of girl who spends her life writing stupid status. I am type of girl that begs for love but is too afraid to fall. I am type of girl who feels so short even though she is tall. I am type of girl that will hate those who leave her until feelings fade. I am type of girl who can never decide on what she wants to eat. I am type of girl whose had her heart broken and wonders what went wrong. I am type of girl you can hardly understand, but you can thoroughly understand if you try to. I am type of girl who dreams of what she'll never be. I am type of girl who can only be defined as different and complicated. I am type of girl who regrets little things from the past. I am type of girl who loves getting dressed all fancy and acting like a princess. I am type of girl who can be hurt but will take times to make someone else happy even though she can't make herself. I am type of girl who acts all tough but is really not as tough as you think. I am type of girl who jokes around but sometime likes to be serious. I am kind of girl who can take so much pain and bottles it all up inside. I am type of girl who wants something to be different and new. I am type of girl that can be so hurt but still look at you and smile. I am type of girl who is willing to brighten your day even if I can't brighten my own. I am type of girl who thinks about wanting to be pretty. I am type of girl who laughs out loud in the middle of silence. I am kind of girl you can hear from miles away and if you are sad its her jobs to make you happy. I am type of girl who will put up on a status just to describe exactly what she feels deep inside. That is me.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Maybe it's when I allow everything to fall apart, I realize who cares and who doesn't.

Friend often share likes and dislikes, interests and passion. Beyond that, a genuine friendship involves a shared sense of caring and concern, a desire to see one another grow and develop and a hope to each other to succeed in all aspects of life. True friendship is, doing something for someone else while expecting nothing in return, sharing thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment or negative criticism. Many people would say " Hey, he/she is my best friend. " yet they never take times to spend with the "best friend". Friendship takes time to get to know each other, time to build shared memories and time to invest in each other's growth. Trust is essential to true the friendship, we all need someone with whom we can share our lives, feelings, thoughts and frustration. We need to be able to share our deepest secrets with someone, without worrying those secret will be end up with hot topic of peoples in school the next day. Failing to be trustworthy with those intimate secrets can destroy a relationship in a hurry. In a true friendship, there is no backbiting, no negative thoughts , no turning away. Real friends encourage on another and forgive one another where there has been an offense. A true friend is supportive of you and your goals, they will know what makes you tick and help you to become the person you want to be, they won't try to change who you are or drag you into situations that makes you uncomfortable or put you at risk of  losing something that matters to you. They are fairly good listener and notices how little, day to day things affect you. They can't read your mind, but they can usually tell when you are happy, sad, excited, shocked or upset. They won't gossip about you constantly or try to damage your reputation. They will let you know when they are concerned and do their best to stick up for you when you are in trouble. A true friend stick with you in good times and bad, accepts you for who you are, even when you are being a butt head. They are patient with you when you make mistakes, even big ones, and learn how to forgive you when you hurt them. In other words, they treat you as you would like to be treated, even when you aren't at your best.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't ever depend on someone else, or you will always be disappointed.

“My girlfriend and I have been dating for over 3 and a half years now. Her parents always had a problem with me and she knew that I was not that rich from the time we started going out. For three years she told that if a problem was to arise, she would remain with me no matter what. Out of the blue she tells me a week back that she needs a break and now she tells me that this can’t go on any further and started acting like a girl I do not know. I loved her so much and you wouldn’t believe the love we had for each other. I worked after coming back from the university and saved money so that we can have a extravagant engagement party. However, her mom always wanted someone really rich and one who already has everything. Life with me would be uncertain for her future and she is now confused about what to do. I tried everything to convince her to stay with me, but in vain. My parents are fine with her, but it is her parents that is the problem. Now we are not talking for over a week. We used to share cars while going to the uni and even eat food together. Now we don’t even do that. She stares at me in the classroom, and does not mix with friends but cries alone. However, when I go near her, she becomes stern and tells me to forget her. I feel so helpless. Even her relatives are involving themselves in our relationship. Please tell me what to do. I’m devastated. Should I forget her?
Why will these problems often occurs in our life? Hello? The mother or daughter would be the one who carry the man's hand till old with white hairs in the future? Who would be the one who stay with him and walk through the rest of his life? Why must her sacrifice their love just for her mom, who would eventually accept the fact? Nevertheless, there is nothing to do to change her family's perspective. Reality affected the truth and the truth is.. love couldn't conquer all. Would you marry a guy because his parents is rich? It sounds tempting to some of you but sounds poor to me. Perhaps some of you might say "Oh yes. This will be in my consideration." How stupid you are, if you have a mind of thoughts like this. That's his parents' money, not his money. Will his parents give the money to you unreasonably? They will. But just to their son, under their sons' name, never under daughter-in-laws' name. Who will be such an idiot to put their properties under a strangers' name? To them, sons' wife are still outsider. Why don't you choose to marry a guy which is rich of self-made-money?  Why don't you have your own high education with credential? What I meant is, career woman. You don't need to rely on mans. You use your own money, spend your own money. And If you get into a divorcement, you can never expect for alimony. 

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One of the best feelings in the world is when you’re hugging a person you love and they hug you back even tighter.

Feeling great to stay on bed when everyone were trying so hardly to get up from bed. How happiness it is. As I know, some people may say sleeping is a waste of time. And yes I am not the exception. I always try to question myself when I was still young "Why should I waste all that time sleeping, having bad dreams, sweating and waking up tired?" But if you have ever thought that your sleeping periods are actually a huge waste of time, you should better think again. When a person is awake, the body cells are continuously active and as time during the day progresses they become more or less fatigued. The body needs to recharge, to repair and recover from  the daily demands. Your feeling about sleep may have been shaped by your past. Just saying, I like to sleep. It is a break from hectic life. I can see and do things I can't in real life. It is whole other experience. Like a small vacation from reality. And I guess I have enough odd dreams at times that is like reading a book. But as much as I sleep, I also like to stay up all the night, night is peaceful. When I was still young, I hate to sleep. Didn't see the point. It is boring to lay down in bed and wait for sleep. And now, I think it is wonderful to have a sleep.Sometimes, what I meant is just sometimes,  that me-time peacefulness is just as relaxing and refreshing as sleep can be. Sometimes, I love being awake while everyone else here are sleeping. I read and research things that interest me, and think my thoughts with no adversity to shut me down. I sometimes just stay up until I fall down in a dead sleep. It is more refreshing than a worried sleep. No matter how much sleep you get or how much sleep you wish to have, you should be happy that you are not a giraffe. Giraffe sleep standing  up and only do it  for a few minutes at a time. They never lie down to sleep. So, you should appreciate that you are a human being. Today onwards, love yourself to the max than any others else.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

I wish life was a remote. Play the easy times. Pause the good times. Fast forward the bullshit. Rewind the memories.

I wanna earn a lot of money in future, I wanna be a millionair. That is a fond dream, our earnest wish. Whoever don't wish to be a millionair? Some people do it through their own bussiness, while some simply get  lucky by winning  the lottery or winning big on a game show. I pondered the concept of "striking" rich, and the million dolar dream that we all seemed to be attracted to. Many of us seem to have bought into the illusion of what a million dolars will bring, the vision of lasting happiness, of ultimate comfort, the end of trying and suffering. But does it really bring us those things? Does it really bring about that happiness which we all seek? This is where it gets interesting. For one thing, it certainly doesn't bring lasting happiness, or the end of suffering, or solves all our problems. It doesn't cure loneliness or fulfill our desire to live with more meaning. Example, try to imagine of someone who wants a house, and he/she gets a house. He/She wants to move to a new city, and she gets up and moves without bringing any luggage. It only bring temporary satisfaction,  it doesn't bring what matters to us most, inner peace, fulfilling relationships, and lasting happiness. Having million of dollars isn't going to extend your life, it wont helps you to find true love, it wont make you healthier, it doesn't make you feel less alone, or more fulfilled. If we can't find any happiness and fulfillment now, having millions of dollars later will not get you any closer. And so, the happiness is what we all seek, our choice is simple. " Tomorrow " is an excuse that will take your dreams  to the grave with you. Start living now with your dream now, whatever that is. After seeking out, I've come back to the same place as when I started, I just want to be happy. It is the one that I can experience to the fullest right now. If you have millions of dollars, how would your life change. What would you be doing. Self-examining. Share your thoughts with me in the comment below.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The boring yet memorable holiday ♥

Hey guys! I'm so sorry for not updating my blog regularly. Due to the busy weeks of holiday that crammed with the dates, I had no time to update my dead blog. And yes I am back. No more emotional posts. I am going to share you guys my sunny holidays. The first week of the holiday, I had a date out with love one, it was a movie day. 29th of May, the super great and memorable day. Next, to the Thailand, Hatyai trip with family members. Shopped like nobody cares. Spent too much on Hatyai's trip. The things are so freaking cheap. Some of you might not like the quality, it's not branded. Who cares the cheap things. Frazzle and scrap. I am not the kind of branded-lover, that are trending on the branded . Gucci, Channel, Amani, LV and so on. I personal feel that we dont really need to use on branded at our state of ages. ( Okay, just ignore me, alright? ) Went to a camp on the second week. Wanna apologise to my leader, campers, and helpers. I am not really get high and get into the situation. With the allowance, I stayed inside the classroom to rest. I was so sick of my sorethroat and flu and missed a lot of games. For my discontented group-arrangement, I am so sorry. Just wait for my next post, deal? I know this post bored you guys a lot, cause it was nothing special in my holiday. Goodnight peeps.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no.

I do not like people being late. I hate standing out by being late. So I do try to be punctual as much as I can. But if I am late, I will try not to flip out about it or anything. I mean I am not a perfectionist here. But why are there people who are habitually late? It's incredibly rude and there is no excuse for it. If you are late once in a while, it's possible that there are legitimate extenuating circumstances. If you are late all the time, it means you are inconsiderate and unwilling to take the trouble to be on time. There isn't anything that makes it all right. You have inconvenienced everyone and possibly thrown off people's plan seriously. It just says and meant you don't care. Some people are just always late, no matter what. It almost seems like they must be living in another reality where all the clocks are set differently. This can be really frustrating, especially if you are the kind of person who is always on time. It's suck having to wait around for people, wondering if they are ever going to show up. I am a very punctual person and I'll always make sure to be just in time, rather a bit early. If I say I am going to be there at 12, it means that I plan on being there at that time and it's going to be my priority. For sure there are emergencies, but traffic jams are entirely foreseeable. You should budget for that too. Also if you are over 13 years of age you should have an intuitive grasp of how long it takes you to get ready. The main reason why I hate people who are late is, it shows they don't have enough respecto for you to make a little effort to come in time. They are not responsable. Some of them dont care being on time at all. They don't seem to have anything under control. They don't have any proper plans. They must waste so much of their life being late for silly reasons such as "being hungry so going to the 7-Eleven, spending 20 minutes inside, buying something and thereby missing the bus having to wait another 10 minutes for the next one." OH GOD WHY? Why can't they think of things like that in advance? Or if they know they are going to be late, at least give a call before they are being late. For another example, some of them dont care about being on time at all. When planned to go to somewhere else at 12, reminded them, and they will be like " oh just 30 minutes ", which ends up being at least two hours. So, PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Love is in the air. He was awesome ♥

Hi peeps, as I promised, I would be here to continue to blog on this post, so.. I would like to carry out my promise now.  First of all, happy holidays! Having a swinging mood now right? The exam weeks must be stressed everyone, is time to relax peeps! Planning where to go? Dating? Oh-oh my love! Love one would be going to Langkawi Island for about three days. I would be staying at home and like a mummy's girl. I wanna have a date, I wanna movie, I wanna toothsome food, I wanna bite hubby's hand. I wanna learn on how to cook tasty food. *winks*.
I wanna talk about Trustworthiness. A very very frigging word. It simply mean believable, convincing, credible and dependable. It is needing in every healthy relationship. For example, if there is no trust word in any random relationship. Jane and Jack, the couple. They fell in love with each other and they got into a marriage. Jane doesn't genuinely trust on him, she suspects. She does whatever and just want to let herself to trust him. She goes from frustration to depression. Jack didn't want to share with Jane what he was doing and thinking. As the pastor said in marriage two become one. But Jack and Jane couldn't be one if Jack wouldn't share his thoughts to Jane. They are headed for trouble unless he realizes he has to change. If Jack insists on going on with his mysterious routine, he will become increasingly frustrating to her, and this will slowly empty most of his love in her heart. When it eventually drifts into negative territory, Jane will become a vulnerable target for a man who knows how to make her feel secure with honesty and openness. A sense of security is the bright golden thread woven through all of a girl's five basic needs. If a husband doesn't maintain honest and open communication with his wife, he undermines her trust and eventually destroys her sense of security. To feel secure, a wife must trust her husband to give her accurate information about his past, the present and the future. What has he done? What is he thinking or doing right now? What plans does he have? If she can't trust the signals he send ( or if, as in the case of Jack, he refuses to send any signals ), she has no foundation on which to build a solid relationship. Instead of adjusting to him, she always feels off balance, instead of growing with him, she grows away from him. The wife who can't trust her husband to give her the information she needs also lack a means of negotiating with him. Negotiation between a husband and wife is an essential building block to the success of any marriage, but without honesty and openness a couple can resolve or decide very little. In a conclusion, Jack is not necessarily being dishonest, he is simply keeping his thoughts, activities, and plans to himself. This caused the distortion, detrition of trust in any relationship. I trust my hubby, I love him. *blush*

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Love isnt just cuddling or whispering sweet nothings, its compromising, sacrificing & giving up something just to make the relationship last

有时候不要尝试着想去改变一个人或东西。听说过,世界上唯一不变的就是变。改变一个人不是不可能而是不容易。有时候当你觉得你有能力可以改变任何一件事后,才发现原来你并不能,那该怪谁? 世界上没有什么事是绝对。有时候 别人会常说常问 你是不是变了? 又或者有人会说 你怎么变了个人,我们怎么变得陌生了 再也没有从前的那股纯真执著 感觉也变得不像从前。经常会有人这么说。但事实上你并没有改变很多,只是长大了 成熟了 懂得思考 分辨对与错了,你只是瞬间不活在他人的世界里 为他人而活。逃避没有什么不好,太理智想犯罪突然变得虚伪。讨厌那个总是想用着逃避的方式去面对任何一件事 的自己。害怕去面对的性格 好强中有点懦弱 没有任何一个人会想要失败 对吗?回忆不会说谎 它记录着开心 伤心 失望 种种好或不好的记忆。几天前,突然翻看了FBALBUM, 那里确确实实着实着好多好多回忆。记得, 去年 参加了一个生活营。记得那是我第一次参加这类型的活动 难免会抱着有些期待。不负众望, 生活营的的确确让我们留下了许许多多的回忆。现在的大家 还过得好吗? 即使现在大家见面了 可能也会觉得只是路过的陌生人 对吗?  记得, 那时候的我们并没有停止过的笑容。还记得, 那个把全部人都吓坏了的 夜里探险活动吗? 那时候真的真的把我们都吓坏了, 凭空着想象 , 蒙着眼 , 夜生无人 一个人在一个隐隐凉凉地森林里 还要在那里呆上十分钟之长, 有谁会确保不会想歪, 好多人会这么问 那边是不是有鬼。谁知道, 那竟然是一个什么都不是的骗局 , 我们身旁都有人, 还有着蚊子们的欢呼声, 我们一个一个接二连三的成了牺牲品, 蚊子们都喝饱了我们的血, 幸福了它们 委屈了我们。还有还有 那个什么像似PREDATOR-PREY游戏的, 我们都得躲起来, 等着PREDATOR来抓。记忆中, 我们是多么的狼狈却很开心地在笑着, 那时候还下着雨, 还好只是毛毛雨。还有还有, 我们就是这样躲在草丛中, 用着一棵棵树挡着我们。树下都住满了红蚂蚁, 有些人还被叮咬得全身发红。还有, 我们一起玩过的STATION-GAME! 回想起还真希望今年还会再有着这么样的一个生活营