Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Saranghabnida 난 당신에게 내 소중한 사랑

Don't expect guys. My teacher told my class about love. She said, I love you is a very common words now if contrasting with hundred years ago. Am I too exaggerating? Years ago, if a boy says " I Love You " to someone, some thought comes into your mind, and you will instantly know that he is saying to a girl, to his girlfriend, to his wife and to the one he loves. The same situation, if a girl says the three words, you would know that she is saying to a boy, to her boyfriend, to her husband and to the one she loves.
The three magic words, " I Love You " is expressing one's love by saying those words is a crucial step in any relationship. Normally girls do not like to confess that they are in love with a boy. It is a sort of masculine privilege and duty, you might say. You cannot to go up to someone and say " I Love You ". Love at first sight is a doubtful context for saying the three words. After all the sort of sudden attraction when you meet someone and feel a blinding passion or know from your instincts that he or she is the right person for you is nothing more than an infatuation. True love is gentler, more mature. " I love you " doesn't mean " I want you right now ". Rather it means " I want to be by your side always, I want to hold your hands and look deep into your eyes, I want to wake up every morning with you by my side. " In a mature love, people tend not to blurt out their love as soon as they meet a person after their heart. They wait till they come to know the person better. When you finally feel from the bottom of your heart that you're sure about being in love with this person, it's the time to say these words. People sometimes think why is it they have to be the first to confess their love? Why cannot the other person do so? It can be very embarrassing for a girl when she says " I love you " and receives a sheepish grin or a distracted reply in return. Again, there are times when a man wants to say " I love you " but cannot do so for the fear of rejection. At such times, it is best to trust your intuition to choose the right step. The timing of saying these words is important as well.
Back to topic, what I want to say is, in this century " I love you " might be a manners. It can be a girl to girl, a boy to boy, a girl to her ex, a boy to his ex. It's so common now. Some people still immature or even the abuse of this right. They used these words to get what they want and what they need. To the last hurt it will only be girls. That's why I hate liars. True love do not need to speak it out but feel it out. Time can heal a wound, create a relationship but can also destroy it. Trust me, don't speak these words too many times to too many people, it would be just like the story of  wolf, nobody will believe you after experiencing too many time. Think before saying out the words.

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